The philosophy of our products is:

Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

The quality of our products is guaranteed by processes that take place exclusively in-house, from devising them to creating, producing and selling them, so you can be sure our cosmetics are 100% made in Italy.



Amerigo S.r.l. is certified as compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard Certification of the Corporate Quality System.

0% parabens sales peg colorantes silicones mineral oils


The design of the new formulas does not include the use of Parabens, SLES, PEG, Colorants, Silicons and Mineral Oils.

formulated with organic ingredients


Each formula contains carefully selected ORGANIC extracts and active ingredients capable of responding to specific needs for the care and beauty of skin and hair.

cosmos organic

Cosmos Organic

Icea Cosmos Organic is the European regulation governing organic cosmetics. This rigorous Standard, recognized at European and international level, establishes the requisites that must be complied with for a cosmetic to be described as organic and natural.

3 tested metals

3 Metals tested

Amerigo laboratories are committed to formulating products tested for heavy metals, in order to guarantee safe cosmetics.

dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested

Our cosmetics have been subjected to dermatological tests under the supervision of a dermatologist, to assess their effects on the skin. If no adverse reactions occur, the product may be considered to be tolerated well and declared as dermatologically tested.

ph isopidermic

PH Isoepidermic

Our cosmetics are formulated with an isoepidermic pH to reduce the risk of irritation, so they are suitable even for the most sensitive, delicate skin.

Not tested on animals

Not tested on animals

Our company has always been firmly against any type of testing on animals. We do not carry out any tests on animals for our cosmetic products, nor do we ask others to test products on animals. This applies both to ingredients and to finished products.

vegan formula

Vegan formula

The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin or derivation.



V-Label is the most recognized vegetarian and vegan brand in the world born in Italy.

Our philosophy is 0 km

Km 0

Our 0 Km philosophy seeks to make the most of the resources our local area has to offer, reducing CO2 emissions caused by the transport of raw materials, because our aim is to create a project compatible with the environment at every stage of the process.

we use fsc certified paper

Sustainable packaging

The boxes of the products are certified and are made with a new generation natural cardboard for which neither chemical additives nor optical brighteners have been used.


We are committed to sustainable development, so we only choose 100% recyclable substances, or substances with low environmental impact.