A balance between man and nature

Imagine ancient knowledge and herbal remedies passed down from the past to the present day.
The forces of nature and the healing power of plants are now well known to those seeking wellness, beauty and health.
Our task is to cultivate this eternal dialogue between man and nature through theuse of the most advanced research and technology in the field of natural cosmetics in order to create effective treatments that are both skin and environmentally friendly.

We are synergy creators

Our search for the finest ingredients has taken us to every corner of the world because we know the healing power of each plant and wish to divulge it.
We are synergy creators and nothing is left to chance. Each of our cosmetics is composed of selected Natural Actives including Extracts, Oils and Butters that can restore and improve the well-being of skin, scalp and hair.

The well-being of the skin first

Drawing on the teachings of ancient herbal science, the in-house R&D laboratory evaluates and ascertains the performance level of each raw material and works on the creation of all formulations.
Strict controls and compatibility tests are a guarantee of dermocompatibility, tolerability and effectiveness even on sensitive and delicate skin.

Because everyone is different, and our intent is to enhance the health and beauty of each individual.

Discover the best skin and hair care and wellness products for your needs