The holiday season is the best time of year to wish serenity and happiness to the people you love; so Amerigo offers limited edition NEW GIFT PACKS, with sophisticated and thoughtful designs in various patterns and sizes, to make your gift special.

The magic of the holidays is an AMERIGO gift that brings back the joy of the original gift by surprising and exciting the recipient.

Our scented lines are the gift idea for everyone and all ages. A perfect synergy between nature-inspired scents and the careful selection of active plant ingredients to evoke different feelings and emotions and satisfy different tastes and styles.

Be enveloped in Amerigo fragrances by choosing the one that suits you best.

note d'ambra
91 man
prima vera
agrumi e frutti
armonia rosa
iris talco
perla bianca
amerigo uomo
fior di vaniglia
muschio bianco
fresco relax
dolce zenzero
armonia verde

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