Hands during the winter period easily become rough and chapped. But having soft hands year-round is possible.


Washing hands is important, but in the right way

Washing hands is definitely an act of care and education, but also a true advocacy for personal hygiene. It is a good idea to use nonaggressive cleansers so as not to deplete the thin protective layer of skin. Especially with frequent washing, the choice of an appropriate and gentle cleanser allows the skin’s hydrolipid barrier to be respected.

Always dry hands thoroughly

Whether at home or outside, it is important to dry hands properly, to prevent skin that has remained moist in contact with the frigid air and cold from becoming dry, rough, and showing redness.

Apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream

In the morning, use moisturizing creams that are rich in plant extracts and ingredients such as shea butter and vegetable glycerin. The cream provides a barrier that protects hands from external aggression.
In the evening, on the other hand, apply nourishing creams, especially rich in olive oil and avocado oil, which help restore the proper hydrolipid balance of the epidermis.

Beautiful hands at every age

The skin on the hands is extremely delicate: wrinkles can appear early on, sometimes accompanied by dark spots. The use of an anti-aging and protective lightening cream gives soft hands while diminishing the visibility of dark spots and preventing their formation.

Defending them from the cold

During winter time, it is always recommended to wear gloves before going out, to protect hands from low temperatures and outdoor weather by preferring materials that are suitable for the skin to breathe.

What about you, do you take care of your hands?

The Soft hands line designed by Amerigo laboratoires offers you valuable help to take care of them and always have perfect hands.