In the cold, still wintry sky, from the bare branches of the Calycanthus a suave fragrance wafts through the air, like a gentle welcome to the new season about to come to the garden.


Calycanthus is a medium-sized ornamental shrub that can withstand up to -12°. It blooms between January and February , spreading an intense fragrance in the air.
The name Calicanthus immediately calls to mind a song, a sweet melody wafting through the air. Let’s get ready for the miracle that is renewed every year in the frosty days of January, when an intense, sweet fragrance with an aromatic hint begins to be perceived in the air : it comes from a seemingly bare shrub, with slender branches stretched toward the sky.

Only when approaching the tiny flowers are clearly visible:

this small, yellow flower looks like a miniature sun, its rays still a little closed toward the center, as if to make its awakening immediately clear when winter still cools cities. Yet that yellow just can’t be ignored-a sun is still a sun, however small, so the calycanthus immediately breaks through catching the eye, giving a taste of spring.

Its yellow flowers with a purple spot in the center, to look at them would not seem capable of such generosity. Instead, they are just that, the calycanthus flowers.

And because this shrub, among its incredible gifts, also has the ability to resist pollution well, it is one of the very few plants that create excitement in the city in the heart of the colder months.

The legend

This unexpected and portentous blossoming of it is linked to the poetic legend of the robin who, chased away from other trees, found refuge only among the branches of the calicanthus: God wanted to reward this kindness by causing a shower of shining, fragrant stars to fall on the branches of this plant. That is why the gift of a sprig of calicanthus is an expression of affectionate protection toward the recipient.

And you, do you want to be enveloped in its fragrance?

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