Our ranking of the smartest and cleanest products.

From the brand new Eau de Parfum Note d’Ambra with its warm, enveloping fragrance to the anti-aging face cream with Hyaluronic acid for firmer, more compact skin, passing through the detox shampoo enriched with vegetable charcoal to the practical Narciso Cipriato hand butter to keep in your handbag at all times to protect, moisturize and nourish your hands.

Natural cosmetics are the smartest and cleanest idea among Christmas gifts 2021.

Made with ingredients from organic farming and packaged with paper from responsibly managed forests and formulated to reduce environmental impact, they provide natural yet effective moisturizing or cleansing that loves the skin and the environment. Below is a selection of our best cosmetics to give at Christmas 2021 for a more conscious 2022.

Eau de Parfum Amber Notes


Note d’Ambra

A tender embrace of oriental and flowery accords that knows how to surprise and comfort. The first aromatic scents agree pleasantly and then give way to a fragrant heart of Amber and Rose. The finish is given over to the warmth of precious woods of Sandalwood and Cedar and the reassuring notes of Patchouli and Vanilla that enhance the deep soul of the fragrance.

Hyaluronic Bio anti-aging face cream


Hyaluronic Bio

3D Facelift treatment with Hyaluronic Acid that helps to fill in wrinkles, firm and deeply redensify. It redraws the contours of the face. Immediately firmer and tighter skin, reduced wrinkles.

Aurora Body Milk



Refined body milk with an unmistakable texture that intensely envelops and moisturizes the skin.
Its fast-absorbing formulation is enriched with BIO Olive Oil and regenerating actives to make the skin soft and revitalized day after day.
Ideal after a bath or shower, with its enveloping fragrance, it gives a feeling of well-being to the whole body.

Narcissus Cipriato Hand Butter


Narciso Cipriato

Sublime treatment designed to protect, moisturize and nourish hands. It contains BIO Cocoa Butter and BIO Shea Butter, two valuable components that provide high emolliency and restore the skin’s natural elasticity. Moisturizing and soothingBIO Narcissus Extract helps intensify the softening effect.

Aftershave fluid 91 man


91 Man

Fast-absorbing aftershave balm that soothes irritation, regenerates tissue and provides optimal hydration while preventing skin aging. In addition to Bisabolol and Panthenol with soothing action, it contains Ebony Extract and multi-active complex based on Wheat Germ and Yeast Extracts that enhance the skin’s natural protective hydrolipid film for anti-irritant, soothing and moisturizing action. A gesture of vitality that preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

Shampoo detox i delicates


The Delicates

Purifying and rebalancing Detox Shampoo specifically formulated to deeply cleanse skin and hair while restoring vitality and well-being. Ideal for hair subjected to environmental stresses, this shampoo combines thedetoxifying action of Plant Charcoal and Organic Ginger Water with the anti-pollution effect of Peach Blossom Active to give vigor to scalp and hair. Hair results light, shiny and protected.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic Bio


Hyaluronic Bio

Pure Hyaluronic Acid with anti-aging action for an immediate and long-lasting “lifting effect.” Due to its high purity, it fills in wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. Wrinkles immediately filled. Skin supple and hydrated for a long time.

Prima vera body spray emulsion


Prima Vera

Fast-absorbing spray emulsion designed to moisturize, refresh and soften the skin in a single step.
The formulation is embellished with invigorating and revitalizing extracts of Daisy, Peach Blossom and Rose Buds BIO and a mix of Vegetable Oils with regenerating action. Ideal for daily use, it leaves the skin velvety, giving the body a breath of well-being and energy.

Amerigo Men's Aftershave Balm


Amerigo Man

Soothing and softening balm that provides moisturized and protected skin with Betaglucan, Bisabolol and Maritime Pine Extract. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, it helps prevent skin aging.

Sweet Ginger Body Cream


Dolce Zenzero

Sumptuous, soft body cream that instantly melts into the skin, giving it nourishment and leaving it enveloped in a refined fragrance. BIO Ginger Water, Honey and Jasmine Extracts moisturize and revitalize while Almond, Jojoba and Olive Oils nourish and smooth the skin. Finally, Vitamin E, with antioxidant power enhances the nourishing and regenerating effect. Applied after showering with a gentle massage, it helps keep the skin firm and velvety.