A naturally occurring gemstone worn as jewelry since ancient times, amber continues to spark people’s interest because of its countless beneficial properties both mentally and physically.


For the ancient Romans, amber was associated with eternal youth because it was capable of preserving plants and animals within it.

The resin from which amber is made is produced from coniferous trees located mainly in large forests in the Baltic area.
Initially, the resin that comes out of these trees is soft and sticky. The combination of various natural processes such as evaporation, oxidation, and weathering causes this resin over millions of years to solidify to the point of petrification, thus giving rise to real amber.

Amber notes: natural and BIO active ingredients.

Amber Notes is our new cosmetic line featuring natural and organic active ingredients accompanied by a fragrance that will surprise and pamper you in a tender scented embrace.

  • AMBER EXTRACT: This plant-derived extract, rich in succinic acid, possesses regenerating, smoothing and antioxidant properties, thus constituting a true concentrate of vitality.

  • ORGANIC VANILLA EXTRACT:An organically derived ingredient with nourishing, softening and regenerating properties. Helps preserve skin from premature aging by giving it radiance and softness.

  • ORGANIC GINGER WATER: Organic Distilled Ginger Water features energizing, antioxidant and invigorating properties that provide valuable benefits to the skin. In fact, Ginger helps to take the skin smoother and brighter by keeping it supple and moisturized.

Amber notes: Amber queen of fragrances, intoxicating the mind and sublimating the senses

A tender embrace of oriental and flowery accords that knows how to surprise and comfort.

The first aromatic scents tune in nicely and then give way to a fragrant heart of amber and rose. The finish is given over to the warmth of precious woods of sandalwood and cedar and the reassuring notes of Patchouli and vanilla that enhance the deep soul of the fragrance.

Are you curious about our new Amber Notes line and be enveloped in an intense and elegant fragrance?