Jojoba oil

Originally from the desert areas, it is obtained by squeezing the seeds of Simmonsia Chinensis. This oil helps nourish the skin and restore its natural barrier. The extract from the seeds is called oil, but due to its composition it is more correct to identify it as a real liquid wax with a light, fluid consistency and a dry touch. Jojoba oil, thanks to its composition similar to that of skin sebum, penetrates deeply through the skin pores and hair follicles without occluding them, thus making it suitable even for oily skin with an acneic tendency. On the skin of the scalp, Jojoba oil exerts a nourishing, sebum-regulating and purifying action. It helps to re-establish the protective lipid barrier of the skin, while leaving the skin free to breathe. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones, it deeply nourishes dehydrated skin, prevents skin aging and allows the recovery of tone. It also acts both on dry hair, to which it gives hydration and rebalancing, and on greasy hair, regulating excess sebum.

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