Hand Hygiene

The hands, undoubtedly, are among the parts of the body most exposed to external aggression, since there is no work or activity that does not involve their use. For this reason, the hands are constantly exposed to the action of atmospheric agents and in contact with different types of substances that can irritate and damage them. Also, unlike other parts of the body, hands are washed very often, over and over again a day.
Often the hands are a real repository of germs; a small percentage is represented by microorganisms that normally reside on the skin without causing damage. To these, however, viruses and bacteria can be added that circulate in the air or with which we come into contact by touching different surfaces. This is why it is very important to clean your hands with particular attention, a gesture of protection towards yourself and others. For this reason we have formulated different types of products for the whole family designed to guarantee deep hygiene inside and outside the home.

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