Sun Products

Amerigo offers you effective and safe treatments with innovative formulations that protect the skin from solar radiation and at the same time guarantee an intense tan and a pleasant feeling of relief after exposure to the sun. The tanning and protective products contain Smart Sun, the solar filter system with photostable, advanced technology broad spectrum coated particles against UVA, UVB and Blue Light for triple protection. The result is products with comfortable textures available in different formats: creams, milks, oil sprays and sticks. These are specific products for the body, face, lips and hair, to reserve care and attention for every part of the body.
Each treatment contains naturally derived ingredients to be nourishing, soothing and protective at the same time, helping the skin to preserve the correct degree of hydration. It is recommended to choose a protection factor suitable for your skin phototype because in the absence of adequate sun protection, the skin can develop lesions and undergo rapid aging.

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