A perfume tells something about you and your way of being in just a few moments, so its choice must be pondered with deep care. How to buy the right fragrance without making a mistake? Just follow Amerigo’s advice.

Your scent stays on people when they embrace you, envelops you with a different atmosphere, sets you apart: that’s why you need to be sure of its choice, and not be influenced by fashions.Before figuring out which fragrance is closest to your style, a brief introduction is necessary to help you in your choice.


piramide olfattiva

For each perfume it is possible to define an “olfactory pyramid” which consists of:

Top notes (top)

Perceived immediately after perfume application, they are the freshest and lightest ones destined to fade first. They are the first impression of the scent and therefore tend to fool even the most cunning and refined nose. Top note components are generally light and evanescent.

Heart or middle notes (middle):

It is the predominant ones that really characterize a fragrance. The heart represents the soul of the fragrance and emerges after a few minutes when the top notes dissolve. Soft and enveloping, the heart notes characterize what we quintessentially call the “trail of perfume.”

Base notes (base):

They are the most persistent and last the longest, intensifying the character of the fragrance. They are richer and more full-bodied on the nose, but do not appear until 10-15 minutes after putting on the perfume and are the predominant theme. Therefore, to discover the essence of a perfume, it is necessary not to be in a hurry in order to fully grasp all its nuances and proceed with confidence to ‘purchase.


Choosing the right fragrance is important and complex and falls in most cases, on personal taste and the feeling that the fragrance can elicit. There are factors that more or less unconsciously act at the time of choice, let’s see them together.


Perfume has such a strong evocative power that people associate a moment in their lived life with a particular fragrance. A few drops can procure a sudden manifestation of a moment from the past, evoking memories that were thought lost forever. Maternal scents, scents of childhood, adolescence, smells that accompany every human being in different stages of life.

Relationships with others

Another important factor is to associate a scent with someone you esteem. It happens that you buy a perfume because you feel it on a person and would like to reproduce the same effect, but this may not necessarily happen because the final ingredient of the perfume combination is always the skin.


The choice is personal; the preference of a fragrance is given by the way the essence interacts with the body and psyche; the pH of the skin; and the ability of the fragrance notes to describe one’s personality.

Flowery and light scents with joyful and sweet essences are favored by those who are always in a good mood, by romantics and talkative women. For this type of person, floral fragrances are perfect: Sweet Flora, Prima Vera, D’Aurora,Pink Harmony, Calycanthus in Bloom, White Pearl, and Gardenia

Powdery and talcum powdery fragrances are often chosen by romantic and dreamy women seeking a touch of originality. These women will be attracted to the intense fragrances Narciso Cipriato, e Iris&Talc .

Another type of perfume concerns spicy fragrances, these fragrances are the most loved by women who are exuberant, and have mysterious personalities. The gluttonous, ambery and multifaceted scents that best describe this type of woman are Amber Notes, Sweet Ginger, Ghadames e Vanilla Flower.

Finally, fresh scents are favored by “natural,” sporty, dynamic and sparkling women. This type of woman likes bergamot, lemon, and tangerine extracts and fragrances with a fresh or slightly fruity character. Suitable for her are the fragrances Fresh Symphony, Citrus&Fruits, Green Harmony, Fresh Relaxation and White Musk.

How about you, what’s your favorite scent?

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